1804 Official Movie Trailer The Hidden History of Haiti!

Posted on : October 20, 2017
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1804: The Hidden History of Haiti-(First look trailer)
From the producer of the hit film series Hidden Colors, a new documentary film about the Haitian revolution called “1804” will be released in Fall 2017.
The Hidden History of Haiti is a documentary film by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. Nasheed is the producer of the #1 selling African history documentary series Hidden Colors. The new film 1804 talks about the untold history of Haiti and the Haitian revolution, which was the most successful slave rebellion in history.
This is the first time a documentary film has gone in depth into the history of Haiti, and the film will also explore the real reasons for the current state of Haiti. – Tariq Nasheed
Support the Indiegogo crowdfunding​ campaign by going on the official film site at http://1804movie.com

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