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Posted on : November 4, 2014
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Posted by : Sade Wilkins
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Twenty years after liberation, ‘Afripedia, South Africa’ portrays a diverse new generation Starting out in in Cape Town we meet up with the video game label 2bop and the inventor of the new limpop music genre, Gazelle. Continuing on to Johannesburg we join heavy metal band Ree-burth for a block party and take a tour around Soweto with the local style setters Smarteez and their colorful street savvy fashion.
Original title: AFRIPEDIA
Broadcasted: September 2014 Svt Kunskapskanalen and UtbildningsRadion
Format length: 5 Episodes x 28 minutes , HD
Directed by: Teddy Goitom, Benjamin Taft, Senay Berhe
Produced by: Stocktown Films
Year of production : 2014
Filmed in : South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana
Original language: English, Portugese and French
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