East Side/ West Side (1963) – w/ James Earl Jones & Cicely Tyson

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East Side/West Side is an American drama series starring George C. Scott, Elizabeth Wilson, Cicely Tyson, and later on, Linden Chiles. The series aired for one season (1963–1964) and was shown Monday nights on CBS. Set in New York City, the show explored issues of urban life, some of them grim. Though it won critical praise, it also generated some controversy. TV Guide ranked it #6 on their 2013 list of 60 shows that were “Cancelled Too Soon” – The series centers on Scott in the role of Neil Brock, a New York City social worker who worked for the private agency Community Welfare Service, with his secretary, Jane Foster, played by actress Cicely Tyson. Episodes of East Side/West Side covered topics relevant to the inner city, with many controversial issues explored. An exemplary episode of East Side/West Side entitled “Who Do You Kill?” aired on 4 November 1963. The story portrays how a black couple in their early twenties living in a Harlem tenement face the death of their infant daughter, who is bitten by a rat while in her crib. Diana Sands played the mother who works in a neighborhood bar to support the family. Her husband, played by James Earl Jones, is frustrated by unemployment and grows more bitter each day. –Wikipedia/Mary Ann Watson Big ups to JoeyBoey the original poster. this episode is missing 5 minutes but has great performances from Scott, Tyson, Diana Sands and James Earl Jones remain powerful.

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