How multi-national pharmaceutical corporations are failing Africa… and the world.

Posted on : November 13, 2014
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Your Money and Your Life (2001): How multi-national pharmaceutical corporations are failing Africa… and the world.

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Pharmaceutical companies are failing to research third-world disease in favour of producing ‘life-style’ drugs for western customers.

On the ten-year anniversary of the liberation from Apartheid, South Africans have a good reason to celebrate. But this new freedom is threatened by the escalating aids problem with no less than a quarter of the population infected. Eric Goemaere, a doctor working for Medecins Sans Frontiers in one of the townships, looks upon the situation with sorrow: “We treat them only for the so-called opportunistic diseases, mainly fungi diseases and tuberculosis, that appear because of the weakened immune system. But of course we want to do more – by giving what they are giving in Europe, in the rich countries: triple-drug therapy, the anti-retrovirals. For us doctors it is totally unacceptable to know this and to see our patients further deteriorate …

Michel Peremans – Ref. 976

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