Kenneth Harding – San Francisco Police Kill Black Teen Over Fee

Posted on : November 25, 2014
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Posted by : Sade Wilkins
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On July 16, 2011, San Francisco police fatally shoot a 19 year old black male teenager Kenneth Harding. Police allegedly chased this teen over a two dollar bus fee. San Francisco police claimed he had a weapon.

Witnesses claimed this murdered teen did not have any weapons and police over reacted. This victim later died at a local hospital after succumbing from life threatening injuries. Also, it is alleged this victim bled for thirty minutes, before he was taken to a hospital.

The San Francisco police department claimed that Kenneth Harding actually shot himself with a .380 caliber handgun and died from this fatal shot. Officers Richard Hastings and Matthew Lopez recieved medals of valor for their handling of this incident. Witnesses claim Mr. Harding did not have a gun and a gun that police alleged to have been found later, was actually a cell phone.

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