Kentucky Voters Bang on Doors and Windows of Closed Polling Place | NowThis

Posted on : June 29, 2020
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In US news and current events today, Kentucky dramatically reduced the number of voting sites for Tuesday’s primary, from 3,000+ to approx 200. The result left Louisville, with a population 600,000, with only one open site. After the polls closed in the Kentucky primary, voters who had been waiting in long lines for hours demanded the opportunity to exercise their right to be heard. Voter suppression is a serious problem, especially in the midst of a pandemic, and as the 2020 election grows closer, protecting voting rights is a crucial concern for a free and fair election 2020. Voter disenfranchisement is a known tactic for the Republican party, as high turnout does not work in their favor, and the GOP has launched a concerted campaign against mail in ballots and absentee ballots in the hopes of crushing turnout in order to keep their grip on power. Despite the fact that voter fraud is exceedingly rare, espcially main in ballots fraud, the GOP will continue to do what they can to make sure people of color and underrepresented communities do not have their voices heard.

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