Lord Jamar: Dame’s Funk Flex Rant Was Intelligent

Posted on : September 29, 2014
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Posted by : Sade Wilkins
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http://www.vladtv.com – Lord Jamar shares his thoughts on Dame Dash’s rant against Funkmaster Flex, which started over the music mogul calling Def Jam exec Joie “Joeyie” Manda a “culture vulture” on Instagram. The Brand Nubian rapper weighs in on Flex saying Dame is “no longer relevant,” which Lord Jamar interprets to mean he’s no longer useful to White corporate America.

The New York native believes that Dame’s statement was “intelligent,” and he doesn’t understand why the people he’s calling out won’t engage Dash. Lord Jamar clarifies that he’s “not trying to go against Flex,” but doesn’t think that the Hot 97 host is in a position to be calling someone irrelevant.

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