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Posted on : July 15, 2015
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Published on Jun 4, 2014

*stay tuned for the talkback google hangout #sooncome

“Where are you from?”
“Where’s your mom from?”
“Where’s your grandmother from?”
“Oh ::side eye::”

this is usually how a conversation started for Steph Watts whenever she was introduced to a black person in nyc. being from philly and going to college in atlanta she wasn’t really exposed to the diaspora, but in nyc, it is on grand display and its one of the reason why she love that old town. she had just finished reading chimamanda ngozi adichie’s “americanah” when she began conceptualizing this series and she knew she had to bring together a panel of women representing africa, the caribbean, central/south america, and the states to talk about our differences and intrinsic similarities. hope you enjoy!

a huge shoutout to panelists Jac’leen, Yaa, Michela, Atlantis and Chanel!! Big up yourself Steph Watts and the crew for bringing this to life!

if you love paying homage to dope black women as much as we do, be sure to follow “year of the #rbg” on ig at @rbg__2014 and it’s really fun over there!

Love and light,

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