St. Louis couple aims guns at protesters marching past their home

Posted on : June 29, 2020
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A couple was seen pointing and brandishing guns at peaceful protesters as they passed a home in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday afternoon, drawing a retweet from U.S. President Donald Trump and fierce debate on social media. The Black Lives Matter protesters were marching to the mayor’s residence as part of a ‘Defund Police’ demonstration. Video recorded from the march shows a middle-aged white man brandishing an AR-15-style rifle on the front step of the home, which is located just inside the gate of a private street. A middle-aged white woman is also shown holding a pistol alongside the man. Both are barefoot. In a video posted to social media, the protesters walking past the armed couple looked on and urged to “keep going” as they were ordered by the couple to stay away from the home. U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted the first video amid a string of other anti-protester tweets on Monday morning. Trump did not add any remarks to the video, but his supporters and opponents quickly read it in two different ways.

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