The ABCs of Black Inventors by Craig Thompson

Posted on : September 29, 2014
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Posted by : Sade Wilkins
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As a follow up to The ABCs of Black History, Thompson Communications has published The ABCs of Black Inventors: A Children’s Guide. Once again illustrated by Roger James, The ABCs of Black Inventors contains fascinating images and information concerning a collection of great people to whom the world owes a great debt. Inventors like Elijah McCoy, Madame CJ Walker and Henry Blair grace the pages of the book, and both parents and children discover little-known facts regarding inventions like the hamster wheel, quilting frames, the ironing board and much more. With the same rhyme and rhythm pattern that made The ABCs of Black History immensely, The ABCs of Black Inventors is a celebration of ingenuity and creativity, as well as a resource for boosting the self-esteem and early development of our children.

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