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The National Congress of Black Women & The National Black leadership Alliance

Open Letter To The Black Community


The Respect Us campaign makes the point that in spite of our voting and consumer spending Blacks are still being ignored and disrespected, our money and our votes are casually taken for granted. While much attention has been given to the Black Lives Matter slogan, all evidence points to the conclusion that Black lives don’t really matter at all, especially the lives of Black women and girls.

Respect Us; is taking a position against rhetoric that romanticizes and encourages violence against Black females. While this rhetoric is encompassed in hip hop lyrics our issue is with hateful and vulgar rhetoric that is calling for the killing of Black people, not with Hip Hop per se.

These are actual lyrics from current rap performers: “Coupe got the missing roof, Your boo came up missing too Poof, I just stole your boo, now ooh, she got eat the whole crew We done with her come and pick your b*tch back up” From Rover 2.0 by Block boy JB & 21 Savage

“Five niggas including me I had to back back Try t o diss me I take it to your “family” I F**ck your sister then make sure she vanish” By Lil Uzi Verl. FYI Spoken fast sounds like Iii Lucifer “Wet your mamas house (which means to spill blood) wet your grandmamas house- keep shooting til somebody die. Spay your block down. We not really with that rah rah sh**t Glock cocked now, I don’t really give no fu**k bout who I hit.” Performed by 21 Savage

The constant use of the N-word We say that the use of the N-word is a political device that allows the rap performer as well as others that routinely use it to make it clear to their white managers, concert promoters, booking agents and the whites who own the entertainment industry as well as whites in general, that these rappers are not talking to or about their wives and daughters. The use of the N-word makes it clear that they are talking about our wives and daughters. They are careful not to offend whites. If they slip up as did 21 Savage, when he said he makes Jew money, he quickly apologized, claiming that he loves everybody.

We note that when anyone uses media to defame or insult any group the sponsors immediately withdraw. However, when the victim is black sponsors refuse to withdraw their support. Five major sponsors of media that target Black women for violence are Subway restaurants, McDonalds, Adidas, JC Penny and KHOL’S. Each of these sponsors has refused to even talk to The National Congress of Black Women.

The Respect Us campaign adopts Dr. King’s strategy that we should attach economic withdrawal to our direct action campaign. As he instructed in his last speech on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tenn.

We are asking Black people to withdraw economic support from targeted companies on targeted “Withdrawal Weekends.”

It is a National effort with five key cities, which because of their significant Black population are the primary targets for the first “withdrawal weekend” they are New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Philadelphia

We launch officially Saturday, March 16, 2019 with a RESPECT US public forum in New York City. An appeal is also being made on “Sanction Sunday” March 17th, organized by the National Progressive Baptist Social Action Commission, with pastors calling on their congregations to withdraw their dollars from Subway restaurants and KHOL’S Department Stores on the weekend of March 22, thru 24th.

The very real demand is that everyone RESPECT US, especially those who receive such significant money and votes from Black Americans.

Please support the first Withdrawal Weekend. Don’t spend with Subway Restaurants and KHOL’S Department Stores Friday, Saturday, Sunday, March 22, To March 24, 2019

For information and updates: Or Call 202 678-6788

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