Trinidadian Police Raid Buju Banton’s Hotel Room

Posted on : April 22, 2019
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Trinidad’s police commissioner Gary Griffith apologised to Jamaican reggae artiste Buju Banton after Trinidadian police raided his hotel room, in Port of Spain, on Sat 20 of April. Griffith said he was at a wedding when he heard of the raid. The police claimed to have had a search warrant, and found nothing illegal in Buju’s room. Buju is in Trinidad for the staging of the ‘I am Legend’ concert, slated for Queens Park, Savannah, Port of Spain, Sunday 21 April. The Trinidadian government was aledgedly unaware of the raid. Buju, relating the incident in an Instagram post, professed his love for the people of the Trinidad and Tobago, saying that he would not be broken. “I am chilling in my hotel room and the cops came, a whole bunch of them, said they had a warrant to search my room and a whole bunch of stuff,” he said, questioning how the police could obtain a search warrant on a Saturday for a hotel room.” Fans, friends and wellwishers were curious about reports that the police obtained a warrant to search Buju’s hotel room. “Were they working on a search warrant before he came into the country?” “Were they watching him from he entered the country or were they watching him from Jamaica” “Did the powers that be tell them to carry out such an operation, if so we want to know” said a number of Trinidadians. Buju arrived in Trinidad on Friday to a fanfare at the airport. Meanwhile, attorney-at-law Wayne Sturge, commenting on social media, said a search warrant on a Saturday was not the issue. “The real issue is that they could never have had any credible information upon which they could have obtained a warrant. I don’t know what the agenda is, but it must cause anger in the minds of right-thinking men,” he said. Sturge described the raid as one that wreaks with abject spite and wickedness. According to Gleaner sources, on Saturday afternoon Banton visited old friends in the urban community of on Basilon Street, Laventille. A short while after returning to his hotel room, several police personnel turned up claiming they had a search warrant. “Trinidadians are upset about what happened. It just wasn’t right. Everybody was so excited about Buju being here. It makes us look bad. The police commissioner cannot even tell us what they were searching for,” cited one woman. We are convinced that Buju Banton was targeted. This is a national disgrace. #bujuofficial #theguysfromportmore #trinidadandtobagopoliceservice

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